Zombie Chase 3K


  Postponed until 2018

Wyandotte County Lake Park 

Run starts at 4 PM.

Packet Pickup starts at 2:30 PM. 

KCK Huggers, Inc./ Special Olympics of Wyandotte County

Will you end up becoming a Zombie?
Or will you Survive? 

How this works:
Be chased by Zombies at different points on our 3-Kilometer long hybrid* course!
You will be issued a bib number and flag-football belt.
The zombies will try to get all of the flags from your belt. 
When you get to the end, event management will check the result.
If you are missing all of your flags, you will get a tee-shirt that states, "I'm a Zombie";
If you retain at least 1 flag, you'll get a shirt that says, "I survived the Zombie Run". 
*Hybrid Course = grass, trail, and pavement 

Parking will be at Wyandotte County Lake Park with a shuttle down from Shelter #8 & # 10 and the soccer field at the entrance to the Beach Shelter. 
Packet Pickup will be held at the marina parking lot.   Packet pick up will begin at 2:30pm. 

The run starts at 4 PM, and we will send 15 - 20 people out in "Zombie Victim Waves", every 15 minutes or so.

Registration Cost:  $30

Day of Event Registration: $35 

Ages: For 14 years and up. 


KCK Huggers, Inc./ Special Olympics of Wyandotte County