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Mrs Robinson's Romp
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Mrs. Robinson's Romp


March 15, 2014 (Sat)
Mrs Robinson's Romp
5K & 10K Trail Run

5th Annual

Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: Shelter # 14, Wyandotte County Lake Park, Kansas City , KS

Description: Challenging but fun beginning trail run for the novice and expert, alike.
The 5K is a good beginner trail run.  The 10K is MUCH more challenging!  See the 2012 Video by Miles2GoEndurance.

Race Director: Ben Holmes 816-810-0440

2014 Results

2014 Photos
By Mile 90 Photography

All entrants get a logo'd mug and distance-specific oval finisher's sticker.


Fee Before Event

Fee On Race Day












2014 Online Entry

Mail to:
Trail Nerds
PO Box 442256
Lawrence, KS 66044



This year, you will get FINISHER'S STICKERS!
This year, you will get FINISHER'S STICKERS!

Sponsored by:

Photo by Dick Ross,
Darin's Tatt

There is a mug given to all early entrants.  You can also purchase Trail Nerd / Mud Babe regalia, at the event.
Family participation is encouraged, and yes, that includes dogs, too.  Please register your dog (for $5).  This pays for the chip & bib.
Rules for Dogs as Pacers:
We are a dog-friendly bunch, within reason.  You can run with your (well-mannered) dog, but it must be on a leash, and you must not let it get entangled with another runner.  Your dog will be issued a bib number that needs to be attached (with your name and cell # written on it with a sharpie).  Your dog will be included in the official results, if you sign it in at the starting line.  There is no additional cost to you.  Please keep in mind that we won't allow any cruelty to animals, so you must attest to your dog's "trail conditioning."  If it appears that your dog is heat-stressed or otherwise physically stressed or injured, we will ask you to pull out of the race and seek out veterinary help. Please provide water and food for your dog.  You can refill your dog's water at the aid stations.

Map to Shelter 14

How was this race named?
After several cougar sightings, we had an impromptu contest to name the Wyco Cougar.  Bad Ben's son, Matt quickly came up with the winning name.  He can also do a great Dustin Hoffman impression, by the way.
Cougars in Kansas?
The Wichita Eagle (story)

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Photo by Dick Ross,
Madeline & Raven sport their Mud Tats

2013 Results

2013 Photos by
(Paid for by your race director)


Race Directors' Report
Billed originally as a 7-miler, we cut it short (to a 10K, out of deference to lung capacity vs. elevation gain, and the potential overfeeding of a big cat with the unhealthy free-radical-ridden flesh of mud-spattered trailrunners).  45 hearty souls showed up to run (a few with their dogs)...43 finished; I can only assume two were consumed by the hills, and eventually by the cougar.
Ben Coffman (of Whiteman AFB) ran a fast debut trail race, and won it in 41:40, followed by Rick Mayo and Chad Wooderson.  Way to go, guys.
Leeanne Reed won the designation "First Cougar," for not only clinching the overall female title, but doing it as a Masters runner.  Congrats, and welcome back to the trails, Leeanne!  Hannah "From Montana" Schultz took 2nd-place Female honors, followed closely by Kristi Mayo.
Kudos to all those that helped mark the course, setup, take down, help with registration & results, and generally, make this race happen.  And Larry, thanks for burying some whiners.
Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Photo by Dick Ross,
Kristi Mayo

Photo by Dick Ross,
Chad Wooderson

Photo by Dick Ross,
Ben Coffman wins his first trail race!

Photo by Dick Ross,
Hannah "From Montana" Schultz

Photo by Dick Ross,
Rick Mayo

1st Place Female, 1st Masters Female
Leeanne Reed, 1st Cougar !

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