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FAQ for Run Toto Run
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Frequently Asked Questions: Run Toto Run

For the safety of you and your fellow runner, we must insist that you not wear both headphones during this race.  Only one earbud, in other words..  Why?  Single-track trails are narrow, and it makes it impossible to pass a slow MudderHumper "jamming to their tunes."  In a word, it's RUDE.  Also, most of the folks that we've had get lost or miss a turn during a race, were wearing headphones!

Rules for Passing Slower Runners & for Getting Passed:
When passing a slower runner on a narrow section of trail, yell out, "on your left," and then wait for the person to move to the right, to pass safely.  If you have runners approaching from behind, please look for a spot to safely pull to the right, to let them pass.

Drop Bags (for 50K and 20-Mile, only):

There is only one location for staging drop the Main Aid Station (which is the start/finish area).  There will be a row of long tables set-up to put your drop bag on, and you will pass these tables on your way to the aid area of the Main Aid station.  It is a very convenient location, so you won't be held-up looking for your bag.  Special Note: Please take your schtuff home!  While I am very good at preparing for, and race-directing races, I really suck at getting heavy, mud & sweat-soaked crap back to its rightful owner(s).  Any drop bags left at the race will probably be donated to "broke-as-heck" local trail-runners.  They thank-you in advance!

Dropping-down (or up) to another Distance, during the race:
If you've bit-off more than you can chew, you can always drop down a loop (or two), and still get a special finisher's medal.  You will not be eligible for  (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) placing in that new distance, though.

Dropping-out of the Race:
Please personally let our timing person know, if you're dropping out of the race.  We don't want to muster a search party for you!

Post Race Food: 
There will be hearty hot food waiting for you for after the event.  And good beer.  And hot beverages.

Shoes...should I wear trail-running shoes? 
In a word: YES.  Because of the sharp rocks, interesting terrain and various other course oddities, Bad Ben highly recommends a trail-running shoe with appropriate foot protection, for this course.  If you choose to run in "normal" roadrunning shoes, please be careful! 
Screwing Shoes: If it is really icy & slick on race day, you may want to screw your shoes, for extra traction. 
Here's how you do it.

Climatological Data:

Average high in °F41
Average low in °F20
Average Precipitation for month - inch1.26
Days in month with precip.7

Current Local Weather 


 $200 Prize to beat Scott Gall's 50K Male Course Record (3:54:09), or Kaci Lickteig's Female 50K Course record (4:46:19).  Only ONE course record prize will be given out for male and for female on race day.

Prizes for Top 3 Finishers in Each Distance: 

Male & FemalePrize
1st Place 50K $100 plus one free entry into a 2017 Trail Nerds' race.
2nd Place 50K $50 plus one free entry into a 2017 Trail Nerds' race.
3rd Place 50K $25 plus one free entry into a 2017 Trail Nerds' race.
1st Place 20-Mile$75 plus one free entry into a 2017 Trail Nerds' race.
2nd Place 20-Mile$40 plus one free entry into a 2017 Trail Nerds' race.
3rd Place 20-Mile$20 plus one free entry into a 2017 Trail Nerds' race.
1st Place 10-Mile$75 plus one free entry into a 2017 Trail Nerds' race.
2nd Place 10-Mile$40 plus one free entry into a 2017 Trail Nerds' race.
3rd Place 10-Mile

$20 plus one free entry into a 2017 Trail Nerds' race. 

Eating During the Race:  If you want to finish this hilly race without bonking bigtime, you should fuel your body during the race. Our aid stations will be well-stocked with different kinds of carb-filled goodies and a few salty foods, too, along with offering water & HEED brand sports drink. Many non-ultra-runners would never think of eating "real food," during a race.  Now is the time to try-out this concept.  For Gel Fanatics: there will be a limited amount of Hammer Gels available at the Main Aid Station, only.  If you need gels elsewhere along the course, please buy and carry your own with you.  And Ten-Milers...please leave the gels for the multi-loop runners!

Course Marking:   This is not a road race, so there won't be folks standing on some street corner pointing and saying: "this-a-way." But our Trail Nerd races are very-well marked, as far as trail races go.  The course route will be marked with pink flags and signs that say, "Straight Ahead, Right Turn, Left Turn, and Wrong Way."  There will be very few "mileage" signs on the course.  If you're an anal mileage person, please buy local...purchase and use a Garmin product.  And you can cuss at it, while being freaked-out for only moving at a 12-minute/mile pace through the hills.

Time Limit: On the multiple-loop course, you will not be allowed to leave the start/finish Main Aid station to start your final loop after 1:59 p.m.  There will be an additional time limit for reaching the middle aid station: If you arrive after 3:45 p.m. at that station, you will be driven back to the finish area.  It gets dark early, in February...the safety of our runners is the main reason for these rules.  Thank you for your understanding.

Pacers are allowed for 50-K entrants, but they cannot "mule" for you They can only run your last 10-mile loop with you. Pacers don't need to pay, but they must sign a race waiver at packet pickup. Pacers can enjoy all of the food/hydration/service of the aid stations, but must not be an "overbearing burden" upon the race organization (or their assigned runner). Please buy a $5 meal for your pacer (to help with race costs)...put it in our donation box. We reserve the right to pull any pacer who we deem as "burdensome" either to us, or burdensome to their runner, or if they mistreat our volunteers.

You CAN have a canine pacer for 100% of the run, though.  To register your dog (to have your dog in the results), please sign the waiver and pay your $10 fee at race day packet pickup.  Your dog will receive a medal for finishing with you, too.

Dogs as Pacers: We are a dog-friendly bunch, within reason. After all, a dog designed one of the trails that you will run on in this event. You can run with your (well-mannered) dog, but it must be on a leash, and you must not let it get entangled with another runner. You should also start toward the back of the pack. Please register your dog. Your dog will be issued a bib number that needs to be attached (with your name and cell # written on it with a sharpie). Your dog will also be included in the official results. We won't allow any cruelty to animals, so you must attest to your dog's "trail conditioning." If it appears that your dog is heat-stressed or otherwise physically stressed or injured, we will require you and your dog to pull out of the race and seek out immediate veterinary help. Please provide water and food for your dog. You can refill your dog's water at the aid stations.

Free Race Photos:  There will be photos (paid for by your race director) available online, after the race.

Race Timing:
  Raul Flores is in charge of race timing.  Please send your post-race timing questions to him, at .


Motels and Lodging

Area Restaurants

Race Reports and Photos

Contact the Race Director:
Ben Holmes, 816-810-0440,

Map to Start of Race:
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The race is just 23 miles from this airport:

MCI (KC International Airport, Missouri)
MCI (KC International Airport, Missouri)

Yes, there are hills in Kansas -
Course View: Video of 2007 race, by Mark Koester
2010 UltraRunning Magazine Article.

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