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Run Toto Run Race Reports/Photos
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Race Reports, Results, & Photos

Run Toto Run
Winter 50K, 20-Mile, 10-Mile Trail Race

Year's worth of race reports and photos.

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By Mile 90 Photography 
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by Mile 90 Photography

 2013 Results
If there are any discrepancies, etc, please contact Raul Flores, at

2013 Photos by Dick Ross
Paid for by your Race Director
2013 Photos (all on the course)
by Tyson Hofsommer
Paid for by your Race Director

2013 Video of 10-Mile Race Start 
Running across "Goose Flats" on the way to the trail.
by Sam Hull

2013 Video of Entire Course
Thanks to Sam DeMaranville

 2013 Race Reports:
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April Calaway (50K, Fem. Winner)

Scott Gall (50K, Male Winner, Course Record, First Sub-4-hour)

Brian Wandzilak (50K, 3rd Pl)

Ben Keefe & Charlotte the Dog (50K Dog record-setter)

Danny Loental (50K)

Kate (50K)

Troy P. (50K)

Thomas Grounley (50K)

Jeff Thompson (20-Mile)

Danny Miller (20-Mile)

Sheri Bevis & Lucy Dog (20-Mile)

Chris Thomas (20-Mile)

Alex Beecher (10-Mile)

Lettie Caldwell (1st Pl Fem 10-Mile)

Joni B (10-Mile)

Tessa (10-Mile & first trail race)

Zeke the Dog (10-Mile)

50+ Age Group: 4-Hour, 5-Hour, & 6-Hour Club
Compiled by Dean Russell


 2012 Race Reports:

Alex Beecher (50K)

Kaci Lickteig (50K Winner, and course record)

Eric Buckley (50K sub-5-hour finisher)

Chris Wristen (50K)

Chris Boyack, Littleton, CO (50K)

Jay Mooney (50K)

Julie Berg (50K)

April G. (50K, 3rd Overall Female)

Matthew Perkins (20-miles by default)

Dashaun Carter (10-mile)

The Brainerds (10-mile)

Team Garmin Runners

Lee West (10-mile)


2012 Race Director's Report 

A quick Race Director's "race assessment" of the 8th Annual Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run:
Well, having a very dry and runnable course made for some fast times at Run Toto Run.  I wrote a lot of checks, yesterday, for the 50K Mud Stud Challenge.  We had twelve sub-five-hour 50K finishes, led by Jeremy Duncan (Colorado), who works for TrailRunner magazine.  His 4:21:12 finish was the third-fastest in the race's history.  Two Emporia State (Kansas) runners hit the first loop of the 50K hard, with a split that could have garnered first and 2nd place in the ten-mile race.  William Hohmeier and Ryan Hahn ran most of the race together, and finished 2nd and third, in rapid succession.

The big story yesterday:
Kaci Lickteig (25), of Omaha, Nebraska blew away the 50K female course record with an incredible finish time of 4:46:19!  She is the only sub-five-hour female finisher (so far), in the eight year history of this race.  She had almost perfect loop splits: 1:34:00, 1:35:52, 1:36:27. To add to the scope of this accomplishment, this was Kaci's first trail race, and her first ultra-distance event.  Maybe the next "Ann Trason" will be from Omaha!

Local Trail Nerd, Mindy Coolman of Independence, Missouri took 2nd place female in the 50K, and had a great sub-six-hour time of 5:38, good enough for a third best all-time result!  Imagine this: Mindy is in great company, with Kaci and world ultra great, Jamie Donaldson!  She is definitely a TRUE MUD STUD!

Not withstanding Tina Long (a non-human), our third-place 50K (definitely human) female finisher was April Gochenour, of Derby, Kansas.  She is in the record books as being one of the few sub-six-hour female finishers.

In the 20-mile race, Brandon Hidaka of Westwood, Kansas hit his stride with a winning time of 2:54:09.  He was followed by Joe Fox, owner of Cycle City in Parkville, Missouri, and Lee Dixon, of KCMO.  Sanya Lenahan of Springfield, Missouri was first female, followed by First Master's and 2nd-place overall, Suzie Scheer, who's run in a lot of Trail Nerd races, over the years.  Megan Brown of Parkville, Missouri rounded-out the top three.

The 10-mile race had a stellar top finisher in Matt Hill, of Boulder, Colorado.  He had a world-class time (on this course) of 1:13:30.  Alex Rock of Chicago, Illinois secured 2nd place, while local runner Scott McVey of Lawrence, Kansas took third.  Kate Woodward drove over from Columbia, Missouri to crush the female 10-mile competition.  Amanda Stafford and Hilda Audard Ottir-Goulay finished 2nd and third with very respectable times.

There are many other stories associated with this event.  I am very proud of the runners and the volunteers that braved the initially harsh conditions to participate.  Thank you for a great race!

Happy trails,
Ben Holmes and the Trail Nerds

2011 Event:


2011 Results
Results by RaceDay Timing
For any discrepancies, contact:

Edited Course Video

2011 Race Reports


2010 Event
On race day, we had over 500 participants registered for the 2010 event, with 23 states represented!  Over 140 were registered in the 50K, alone.
Updated Results
2010 UltraRunning Magazine Article
Dick Ross' photos (

Kristi & Rick Mayo's photos

Photos by Kyle Gerstner

Dick Ross' Slideshow

2009 Event

2009 Race Results (final update)
2009 Race Photos
Dick Ross' Photos:
2009 Race Reports
Ben Holmes      Race Director's Report
Gary Henry       10-Mile
Rob Horton        10-Mile
Rob Horton        Schwag Score
Mircea              10-Mile
Shane Jones     10-Mile
Steve Hudson    10-Mile
Geoff H.            10-Mile
Mary Ann M.     10-Mile
Brett Hodges     20-Mile
Willie Lambert    50K
Westy               50K
Sarge                50K
Andy Emerson   50K
Samantha K.      First 50K
John                  50K
Rick Mayo         50K (2nd Place, overall)
Travis Liles         50K
Wayne Nelson    50K
David French      50K
Emily Horn         50K

2009 Race Special Thanks:

Special thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, and our main sponsors Dynamic Earth and Providence Medical Center.  Thanks to Noodles & Company for the meal money (to the Nerds), and Dynamic Earth for helping to set this up.  And Wyandotte County Lake Park Deputy Director and all of the helpful staff and rangers.  KC Multisport stepped up to the plate and provided an additional "staffed" aid station that was much appreciated by the runners.  A Golite rep was there too, and gave away some nice schwag with Dynamic Earth's excellent offerings.  And special thanks to Ultimate Direction, who donated water bottles for folks that forgot theirs.  Once again, James Barker made some fantastic soup...chicken noodle and lentil.  The Amos Family aid station had fantastic cookies and quesadillas.  Cowboy Bob Bundschuh set up the Wyco Triangle Aid station, and had some excellent staffing: Pat Perry, Mel Baldridge, Coleen Voeks, Chrisie Craig and others.  Vicki made her signature black bean soup, and had some great help from Scott, Terri Burlingame, Cheri Sutton, and others.  Debbie Webster and Julie Toft were interloper helpers that went everywhere.  Shane and Brandy Jones helped here, there and everywhere.  Thanks to Raul and Jeremy for their endurance timing, and to Nancy for letting me have Raul for all of Valentine's Day.  And my son Matt Holmes, who endured and relished 2-1/2 days of hard work, helping his Old Man.  There were many others that I haven't mentioned that worked in the "invisible background" of this race.  Including the course-marking crew, and the folks that are (and will be) de-marking the course.  Yes, the work goes on and on.

Thanks to everybody for a job well done!

2008 Event

2008 Event Race Reports From Participants:
We also had some very good comments, including:
"I really appreciate your race and all that goes in to managing it. I am especially  impressed with how the back of the packers are treated.  This was my 268th ultra or marathon and I rank your race as #1 for all aspects of race spirit and organization. Thank you."
- Les Martisko Ph.D.

The 2008  Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run and Psychopathic 5K is now history.  We set a couple of records, this year.  We had an attendance record, with over 400 showing up on race day to run.  And we had our 50K course record shattered by 26-year old Matthew Laye from Columbia, Missouri, in a time of 4:19:42 ! 

Not bad, even for this "flatter than a pancake" Kansas course, with the "perpetually perfect" course and weather conditions that are always encoutered in this little corner of our fair state.  (What's a little mud between friends)?

Final Results:

2008 Overall Results for 5K, 10-mile, 20-mile, and 50K

2008 Split times for 20-mile

2008 Split times for 50K

2008 50K Trail Run Overall Finish List

By the way, if you were one of the few 10-milers that did not get a finisher's dog tag medal, please go to Garry Gribble's Running Sports on 119th & Quivira, to get your medal.  Any out-of-towners that didn't receive a medal, contact me  directly, and I'll take care of you. 

Our race photographer, Dick Ross, has photos of the race on his site: He and his helper took over 1100 photos.
Action Photos are
here .
Finish Line / Award photos are here .
Fun Photos are
here .
Thanks to all of our incredible volunteers that make this race happen (and improve) from year to year.  And thanks to the Unified Government of Wyandotte County Parks & Recreation Department for letting us use this beautiful venue for our event.

Happy trails,

Bad Ben Holmes
Race Director

2007 Event

2007 EVENT PHOTOS (by dick Ross at

CLICK HERE to see all of the fun at our 2007 Race Event.

2006 Event

Article about the 2005 event.

Run Toto Run Hall of Fame
Previous 50-Kilometer Trail Race Winners:

Bryan Kelpe  Cape Girardeau, MO 4:31:06
Jordan Wirfs-Brock Colorado 5:41:45

Andy Henshaw  Colorado Springs, CO    4:15:12!
Helen Lavin       Minnesota                     5:33:43

Ivan Marsh       Ashland, Nebraska         4:22:31
Katie Spaeth   Overland Park, Kansas    6:14:25

Matthew Laye           Columbia, MO       4:19:46
Gena Bonini             St. Louis, MO        6:50:02

Caleb Chatfield         Mission, KS            4:39:17
Kelly Johnson           Kansas City, MO     6:16:27 *


Todd Nott               Plattsmouth, NE        4:41:11
Jamie Donaldson    Littleton, CO              5:18:00 ! 

Michael Osborn      Prairie Village, KS      5:17:40
Angela Buckley      West Point, NY          6:35:50
*(Kelly started 7 minutes late, due to a traffic ticket).

Female Sub 6-hour Finishers   
Jamie DonaldsonColorado5:18:002006
Helen LavinMinnesota5:33:432010
Jordan Wirfs-BrockColorado5:41:452011
Valeria ShusterMinnesota5:55:492010
Caitlin StricklandColorado5:56:082011
Tina LongPrairie Village, Kansas5:57:422011
Male Sub 5-hour Finishers 
Andy HenshawColorado4:15:122010
Matthew LayeMissouri4:19:462008
Ivan Marsh Ashland, Nebraska4:22:312009
Bryan Kelpe Cape Girardeau, MO4:31:062011
Caleb Chatfield Mission, KS4:39:172007
Todd NottPlattsmouth, NE4:41:112006
Rick MayoKearney, MO4:41:182009
Bryan Kelpe Cape Girardeau, MO4:42:032010
Kyle AmosOlathe, KS4:42:382007
Caleb Chatfield Merriam, KS4:48:342006
Matthew Becker Galva, KS4:49:402009
Jerry HuberManhattan, Kansas4:51:392011
Edward GadientChigago, Illinois4:51:532011
Matthew Becker Galva, KS4:57:402008
Brian PetersonMinnesota4:58:022010
Joshua EggarManhattan, Kansas4:59:252011

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