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Summer Run Toto Run
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Saturday, July 11, 2015


Trail Nerds' Present:

"Psycho Psummer" Run Toto Run
50K, 20-Mile, & 10-Mile Trail Run
Saturday, July 11, 2015
Shelter #2, Kansas City, Kansas
9th Annual
A beautiful but challenging run on hilly single-track trails.
This course is very different in many ways from the February "Run Toto Run" Race. 

50K Run, 10-Mile Run, and 20-miler. All on bridle trails and single-track trails. This is a rocky and hilly UNPAVED loop course. 9-hour time limit. 

All early entrants will receive a technical fabric" short-sleeve shirt and mug, with an original Jason Crosby design. (No guarantee for post-June 24 entrants).

2015 Results

 for any discrepancies, email 


2015 Photos

by Mile 90 Photography 


2015 Entry Fees and Registration:


Price Before: Packet Pickup

Price @ July 10 Packet Pickup

Price On       Race Day

















Pacer (50K only)




Online Entry is now closed. 

You can still register at packet pickup.  Packet Pickup Locations:

On Friday, July 10, 3PM to 8PM, in the conference room at the Official Race Hotel –
Comfort Suites
3000 N. 103rd Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66109
(I-435, exit 15, just slightly east on Leavenworth Rd).
This location is 1.5 miles from the race start. 
And: On Saturday, July 11 (Race Day) at the Race Location, starting one-hour prior to start of your race.

Race Day parking for those entering the 10-Miler will have a shuttle service starting at 6:45 AM, and will be leaving  from this lot:
Marina Parking Lot at Wyco Lake Park

From I-435 
Take exit 15 for KS-Highway 5 S (Leavenworth Rd East). Merge onto KS-Highway 5 S/ (Leavenworth Rd.). Left on N 91st Street, take a left when entering the park.  Go about one mile north and look for a yellow "Event Parking" sign.


Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Kaci Lickteig: 2nd Place overall & 1st Female in 2014 50K.

Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Zach Bitter, on his way to a 2014 sub-4-hr 50K victory.

Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Triston Wurm: 6-y.o. 10-miler!


This race is a hilly but beautiful run through the Ozark-like hills and woods of Wyandotte County Lake Park.



Your Packet Pickup Location(s) will be:
On Friday, July 10, 2015, 3PM to 8PM,

at the Official Race Hotel –
Comfort Suites
3000 N. 103rd Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66109
(I-435, exit 15, just slightly east on Leavenworth Rd).
This location is 1.5 miles from the race start. 
And: On Saturday, July 11 (Race Day) at the Race Location, starting one-hour prior to start of your race.
Race Day PARKING for the 10M, will be off-site, due to the size of the race (and the small size of the parking lot).  But, if you are car-pooling / riding with a 50K or 20M person, you can tag along with them, for the ride.  ONLY 50K & 20M entrants and volunteers can park in the lot by the race start.  Please carpool!
Race Day parking will have a shuttle service starting at 6:45 AM, and will be leaving  from this lot:
Marina Parking Lot at Wyco Lake Park

From I-435 
Take exit 15 for KS-Highway 5 S (Leavenworth Rd East). Merge onto KS-Highway 5 S/ (Leavenworth Rd.). Left on N 91st Street, take a left when entering the park.  Go about one mile and look for yellow Event Parking sign.

The shuttles will run until 2 PM.  We have volunteers that can take you there, after that.
Friends and families (and canines) are allowed on the buses, too. The shuttles will run continuously during the event. Parking in the ranger station lot will be reserved for 50K & 20M entrants and volunteers, only.
Race Start - 8:00 AM: 50K & 20-miler start.  9:00 AM: 10-miler start.  To avoid disqualification, please start with your appointed group.

Bib Numbers: Please pin your bib number to the FRONT of you somewhere, so that it is VISIBLE. This race is chip-timed, but we will still need to see your bib number, to have an accounting of you during the race and in the results.  The chip is part of your bib.  Do not fold your bib, if you want your electronic chip to work.

The 50K is a three-loop course, the 20-mile is a two-loop course, and the 10-mile is a one-loop course.  Each loop is a little over 10.3 miles long. 
The course is (slightly) hilly, with 2300 feet (701 meters) of elevation change per loop. 
The course is run through hardwood forest and is 85 percent shaded, with all of it on dirt trails, except for when you cross roads.
A number of us (Bob Hall, Keith Wurm, myself, and others) have weed-whacked, cut rose bushes, removed downed trees, etcetera, to make this a genuine running experience, instead of an obstacle course.  But, since it is a Real Trail Race, you will still encounter rocks, roots, and an occasional overhead obstruction.  Please pick up your feet and watch your noggin.  We've had a SUBSTANCIAL AMOUNT OF RAIN this year...expect mud, especially for the first 2 miles of each loop.

Course Markings:
The course will be marked with bright pink ground flags.  All trail intersections and important diversions will be marked with directional arrow signs, and “Wrong Way” warning signs.  There will also be an attempt made to mark all overhead obstructions with bright pink tape.  Road crossings will not be staffed.  Please watch for automobiles at all road crossings.
Aid Stations:
You will encounter aid stations at these locations, per loop:

Shelter 1

1.25 Miles


Water Only


Entrance to Wyco Triangle

2.7 Miles


Full Service


Exit from Wyco Triangle

3.6 Miles


Full Service


Middle of Nowhere

5.8 Miles


Full Service



6.5 Miles


Water Only

Shelter 10

8.1 Miles (13.0 Km)


Full Service



8.7 Miles


Water Only


Main Aid (Start/Finish)

10.3 Miles (16.6 Km)


Full Service


Our Staffed Aid Stations will have real food, in addition to these Hammer Nutrition products: Hammer Gel, Endurolytes, and Heed sports-drink.  In addition to Endurolytes, we will also have Succeed brand S-caps available  Our aid station personnel are  experienced trail and ultra-runners; they are there to help you complete your race.
Mandatory Use of Hydration Device or Water Bottle:
There will be plenty of aid along the course, but we must insist (for your own safety) that you carry a water bottle or hydration system with you. You will be disqualified for not carrying such.  Again: if you start or finish this race without a water bottle or hydration device, you will be stricken from the results.

There will be no cups at the unstaffed aid stations along the course, and so you will need to have something (other than your hands or mouth) to put the water into.  Also, while the longest distance between water is usually about 2 miles, we are expecting a heat-index of over 100-degrees F (>38C).  Given the hills and terrain, it could take you at least 30 minutes between water breaks. 
Please take advantage of the ice at the staffed aid stations.

Passing runners on the trail:
At the start of each race, there will be a "conga line" of runners as you enter the trail.  Be patient when you are part of this crowd of runners, as it will disperse soon enough.  Don't follow the runner in front of you too closely, since you won't have time to see obstacles, and may trip.
To pass a runner on a narrow, single-track trail: Let them know you are approaching. Yell out, “On your left.” If it is unsafe to pass, be patient, a space will open-up, soon enough. If you are the slower runner, find a spot to step to the right to make it easier for the faster runner to pass you.
Faster Runners:
You know the drill.  Be courteous but assertive, consistent, and loud, when passing.  And leave your machetes and cattle prods at home...those are only allowed in my night runs. ;-)
Personal Music WILL BE ALLOWED in this race, but the use of two earbuds or headphones is NOT, for safety reasons.  You are not the only runner in this race...tuning-out everybody around you is just RUDE, for the reasons above (of passing on narrow trails).  There are multiple race distances happening in this event, and there will be some VERY FAST RUNNERS approaching from behind you at certain points on the trail.  Please don't inhibit both of your ears by using both earbuds or headphones to cover your ears, unless you want to be pulled from the race.  (And I WILL pull you from the race and results).
 Littering on the course will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the race and the results.  This is a park, after all.
Drop Bag:  Drop bags are only allowed for the 50-Kilometer and 20-mile race. At the morning check-in you will be given the opportunity to leave your drop bag at the Main Aid Station start/finish area on tables. Write your name, and bib number onto each bag. This location will give you access to your bag once per 10.3-mile loop, which should be about perfect. Please pick-up your drop bag after the race, or it will be donated to a needy local runner or tossed into the trash.

Special Weather-related Safety Information
Your safety is our primary concern. In the event of severe weather (lightning, flooding, winds above 35 MPH, or tornado), we will shut the race down. In the event of a tornado siren sounding, please find your way to a substantial shelter and wait for the sirens and danger to subside. Or, if severe winds suddenly hit your location, lay down in a ditch or low spot (that hasn’t yet filled with water), and put your hands over your head. After the danger has passed, make your way to a paved road crossing or to a staffed aid station, so that we can get you back to your car or civilization.

Injury Reporting:  If you sustain any type of serious injury while on the course, you must report it to the next aid station. We will have trained Doctors & EMT’s on staff to assess and/or treat minor injuries. If you sustain an injury that is deemed by the EMT staff to need further medical attention, you will not be allowed to continue in the race, and will be driven to an area hospital by our staff or by ambulance.

Dropping-down to another Distance or dropping-out of the race: During the 50K or 20-mile race, if you've bit-off more than you can chew, you can always drop down to the a shorter distance finish at the main aid station (by running through the finish line), but you will also need to notify the results team, so we know you are dropping to a lower distance.  You will get a finisher medal for the distance you finish, but will be listed in the results as “Dropped to 10-miles” or “Dropped to 20-miles”.
If you somehow drop out of the race at another aid station, please let the results staff know, so we aren't searching for you.

Cut-off Times: There are cut-off times for those in the 20-miler and 50K, for leaving the main aid station for your final loop.  You will not be allowed onto the course after 

11:59 AM for the 20-Miler and 1:59 PM for the 50K.

This is supposed to be a running race, not a hike. 
Post-Race Meal and Beverages:  Upon completion of the race, participants can enjoy post-race food near the start/finish area. Note: The aid station table food is for those running in the race, only…it is not post-race food. There will be water, lemonade, Coke & Sprite, and Beer for the beverage selection.

$$$ to the Trails: A significant portion of the this year’s race net proceeds will go to the Trail Masons, exclusively for this hiking/biking/bridal trail. So, the actual trails that you will be running on, will receive the funds from the race! Please contact the race director, if you are interested in volunteering for trail-work days or for shelter-painting days.
Race Photos and Results
Photos taken during the race can be found afterward, at
Mile 90 Photography.  The photos are already prepaid for, and are free to you to download.  Mile 90 is a business started by Rick and Kristi Mayo, themselves very accomplished UltraRunners (and accomplished photographers).
Results will be available as soon as possible…potentially by the night of the race, at
RaceDay Timing Solutions.  If you have any concerns about your finish time, please contact Raul Flores at
You can also check for results and photos on the Trail Nerds’
Facebook site, and later, on this webpage.

sufficient. Pacers need not pay, but must sign a waiver at race registration. Pacers can enjoy all of the food/hydration/service of the aid stations, but must not be an "overbearing burden" upon the race organization (or their assigned runner). We reserve the right to pull any pacer who we deem as "burdensome" either to us or to their runner.

Dogs as Pacers: We are a dog-friendly bunch, within reason. You can run with your (well-mannered) dog, but it must be on a leash, and you must not let it get entangled with another runner. Register your dog for any race (online, for $10). It will be issued a bib number that needs to be attached (with your name and cell # written on it with a sharpie). Your dog will be included in the official results, and receive a finisher's medal, if appropriate for that distance/race. We won't allow any cruelty to animals, so you must attest to your dog's "trail conditioning." If it appears that your dog is heat-stressed or otherwise physically stressed or injured, we will ask YOU AND YOUR DOG to pull out of the race and seek out immediate veterinary help. Please provide water and food for your dog. You can refill your dog's water at the aid stations.

July 12, 2014:
By Rick & Kristi Mayo
Mile 90 Photography
For any discrepancies, contact Timing Company.

2014 Race Reports

If you have a race report you’d like to share, please email a link to

Zach Bitter (50K Male winner)

Kristen Weigand (50K Female 3rd Pl)

Terri (20-Miler)

Shannon (20-Miler)

Danny Loental (20-Miler course revenge!)

Jordan (20-Miler & First Trail Race)

Kim & Rachel (10-Miler)

Eric (10-Miles)

Corey…first trail run (10-Miler)

Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Kaci Lickteig, on her way to an overall victory in the 2013 50K.

Photo by Mile 90 Photography

Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Tyson Hofsommer
Gregg Buehler & Son run the 10-Miler.
Photo by Tyson Hofsommer
Photo by Tyson Hofsommer
Photo by Tyson Hofsommer
Kaci Lickteig

 2013 Results, here.
For any results issues, contact: Raul at 

Please feel free to download any photos...your race director pre-paid for them. 

Photos by Rick & Kristi Mayo, of Mile 90 Photography 

Photos by Tyson Hofsommer 

If you have any race reports, please submit them or (a link to them) to me at

"A major shout-out is due to the Kansas City Trail Nerds. They have done such a phenomenal job in organizing KC metro area trail races, and yesterday was no exception. Their volunteers are always gracious, the courses at races are well-marked, aid stations are stocked to the gills, and they just have their overall act together. Some race organizers should follow their lead and take logistics lessons from the KC Trail Nerds."
- NYC Native (
More Here)

"Your races are some of the best around in my eyes. You choose great trails to have the races on and the staff and volunteers that man the aid stations are always great and extremely helpful. I think you have some of the best aid station workers of any trail race I've participated in. The overall organization and feel of the race is superb."
- Jeremy Duncan, Trail Runner Magazine

Some entrants are serious about this race:
Gregor's Tattoo

2011 UltraRunning Magazine Article

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See all of our events HERE.

Gregg Buehler
Photo by Bry Gardner

Mindy Coolman
Photo by Bry Gardner

Photo by Rick Mayo
Andy Henshaw, Ivan Marsh, & Darin Schneidewind


Race Timing:  Raul Flores is in charge of race timing.  Please send your post-race timing questions to him, at 

To Contact the Race Director:

Ben Holmes, 816-810-0440,
Note: I will NOT be answering texts or calls the day prior to the event.  I'll be busy preparing for the big event.

Ultrarunning Magazine article about the 2009 event.

Our Sponsors:


Photo Credit: Rick Mayo
RD's Grandson

Photos by Dick Ross & Ben Holmes


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