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Pod Trod MP3-Mile Challenge
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The Strangely Geeky
Pod Trod MP3-Mile Challenge
5K Trail Race
Time and Location will be a mystery...
Keep checking the site.

We have decided to postpone the Pod Trod to a time when there are less races on the weekend calendar, to give it more of a "spotlight" position on the race calendar. (September is jam-packed with a lot of races, every weekend).

Photo by Dave Hoefer

2008 Results:

Race Reports:

Photos by Dave Hoefer

Debbie Webster & Gary Henry. (Photo by Brad Trimble)

Hidden Super Secret
Pod Trod Information Page:

Are we Nuts?  Maybe. 
Are we Nerds?  Definitely. 
Are we Geeks?  It appears so!

  • This race will have three or more courses, but start and finish at the same place and time. 
  • All courses will be approximately 3.1 miles in distance. 
  • You will not know the courses in advance. 
  • You will download one of the course's instructions in MP3 format (from our web site) the night before or the morning of the race.  It's your choice which course you pick, and it will be the "luck of the draw" as to which course is more difficult.
  • All entrants will wear IPods (or other brand MP3 players) and follow the instructions given, to complete their selected course.  (Runners will have to provide their own IPods or MP3 players). 
  • You can follow someone else, but who knows...they may not be able to follow the instructions worth a darn, and may be going absolutely the wrong way.
  • You will be required to pick-up "Trail Tokens" along the way to prove you completed the correct course.

This race will have some fun categories and awards for:
  • Trail Savant: 1st place M/F for each different course
  • Semi-TrailTarded
  • Special Idiot
  • Blind as a Cave-dwelling Fish
  • Instuctionally Hearing-impaired
  • Rock-banging Neo-Luddite
  • Lost beyond all Possible Reason
Race Day Entry or Packet Pickup entry, only. 
$10 entry fee if you register on day of race. 
$8 entry fee if you register at Packet Pickup.

If you want a technical (moisture-wicking) short-sleeve shirt with the awesome Pod Trod logo design, it's an additional $15.  (These shirts are very nice, and there is a limited supply).
Exact race location and course instructions will be available the evening prior to the race, no later than 9 p.m., on this web page.
Ben Holmes, 816-810-0440

The PodTrod, as you probably know, is a "mystery race" of about three
miles or so on and/or near the North Shore Trails at Clinton Lake in
Runners won't know the course in advance. Instead, they will download
section-by-section course directions from Bad Ben's Trail Running Site.
You'll follow the directions on your I-Pod or MP-3 player to complete the
course. And, you can choose from 3 different courses, which will all run
The 3 courses vary in difficulty, though not in length. They include easy,
moderate, and hard. The only problem is that you won't know which
level the course you've chosen is -- until you're on it.
You can try to figure out which course is which hardness level by the
course names and descriptions that follow. Good luck, and let me know how
that works for you. The courses you'll be able to choose from -- which
will be posted for download the night before the race -- are:
Lumbering Luddite
This course proves the old saying -- "If you're gonna be stupid, you
better be tough."
Mud Babes' Revenge
Mud makes you beautiful, so this course will offer runners a drip or drop
of mud here and there. May also make you want to take revenge on someone
-- probably the person who designed the course.
Clinton Confusion Course
I can neither confirm nor deny that the course designers got disoriented
and turned around several times while trying to figure out this headache.
Still, the name is what it is, eh?
Whichever course you choose, a fabulous (but possibly messy) WATERMELON FEAST awaits you at the finish. Also, awards for first-place finish on each course, as well as specialty awards, like the "Lost beyond all
possible reason" award; the "Semi-TrailTarded Award," and the "Blind as a
Cave-Dwelling Fish" award. And more. Also, Ben says there's a possibility
of a watermelon seed-spitting contest. Just watch where you spit. . . you
could put out someone's eye!
And I hope to see you all at the start. . . if not at the finish.
Gary "The Luddite" Henry
Race Director

Pod Trod shirt is spotted at Free State Brewing, and a crowd of admirers gathers!

Disclaimer about headphone use during normal outside running activities:
The Kansas City Trail Nerds and Kansas City Track Club normally takes the
USATF view on headphone use during races (or any running-related activity, including training runs).  In a normal race that is either on city streets or not in a controlled environment, headphones should not be used.
For the Pod Trod race director's "normal opinion" about headphone use, check out this podcast on Endurance Planet:

We Postponed the Race until Sep 21:
The Pod Trod race crew is ready to go, the t-shirts are here (and beautiful), but Mother Nature had her own ideas on this fine Friday the thirteenth.
There has been too much rain on the North Shore trail in the past 24 hours, and it is totally mudded-out and could sustain damage if there is a lot of traffic on it, therefore....
The Pod Trod MP3-Mile Challenge has been POSTPONED.
We aren't making this decision lightly; this was a well thought-out decision. 
We are trail runners and we have a great passion for the outdoors and the trails.  We are not only trail runners, but we are also trail advocates and trail stewards.  We will always try to make decisions that are environmentally sound and correct for the trails that we love so much.  The long and the short of it is, we have to think of the health of the trails that we are trying to fund with this race.
We'll post more details about about the next date for the Pod Trod, soon (on this page).
Thank you for your understanding.
Ben Holmes & Gary Henry
Co-Race Directors



New Lawrence Gribbles is Packet Pickup HQ


All Race Proceeds (after expenses) to go to the Kansas Trails Council and funds will go directly back into the North Shore Trail system!!! 

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