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Vets Day Run
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Photo by Mile 90 Photography

Veteran's Day Fantastic 4-Mile Trail Run
11/11/2018 (Sun)
9:00 a.m.
Shelter 9, Wyandotte County Lake Park
Kansas City, KS

One of the nicest 4-milers you'll ever run.  13th Annual.  Start Time: 9 AM.  Hikers welcome.

This scenic race has a little bit of up and down, and some very fast sections.  The course is on  single-track trails and not on the bridle trails.

This is a race to honor the veterans among us.  If you are a veteran, or current or former member of the armed forces, current Emergency Services person, then your entry is FREE.  Just show up on race day and fill-out & sign the waiver.  (We do accept donations to help pay for the shelter, porta potties, insurance, photos, stickers, timing, permit, etc.).

Just a $20 entry fee for "regular folks", if you sign-up ONLINE and in advance.  Day of race sign-up will be $25.  If you want to run with your dog, there will be a $10 fee, day of race.

Packet Pickup and Registration on race day opens at 7:45 a.m. (at the race, shelter # 9 ).  We accept cash, credit, debit, or checks.

All finishers receive Unique Oval Finisher Stickers and we've prepaid for downloadable Mile 90 photos for you.

Please check-out the Korean and Vietnam War Veterans Memorial at the main gate of the park.


Shelter #9 is located in Wyandotte County Lake Park, on the east side of the lake.
Here is a
map to Shelter #9.


The course is on single-track trails in a hardwood forest. There are a few rocks and roots to step over, so no strollers allowed. If you can't run it, it is okay to hike it.


Photos will be by Mile 90 Photography.  Images will be free to download; pre-paid for by the race organization. 

2018 Online Entry

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Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography

Photo by Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography

A Greg Highberger Photo

Photo by Dick Ross

Photo credit to Frank Mance,

Photo credit to Frank Mance,
Raven & Kristi

Photo credit to Frank Mance,
Travis rocks the rocks!

Photo credit to Frank Mance,
Juraj Trubiroha wins another one.

Photo credit to Frank Mance,

2017 Results

2017 Photos

By Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography 



2016 Results
(The course was actually 3.1 Miles, this year)

2016 Photos
Photos by Mile 90 Photography

2015 Results


2015 Photos

By Mile 90 Photography 


2014 Results


2014 Photos

By Mile 90 Photography


by Mile 90 Photography

2012 Photos
(sorry, most were blurred).

2012 Results

2011 Results

2010 Race:
This year's race course had to be changed to a southern-route out-and-back, because of a "controlled burn" by the park.  It went-off without a hitch, due to the many wonderful volunteers and with the help of the Marines and the Army.
We had a record turnout of 107 runners, with additional canine runners, as well.  Thanks to everyone who participated or volunteered.
- Ben & Sophia
Race Reports

Vet's Day Run Haiku's and Limericks:
Chilly, Breezy Morn
Crunchy leaves hide rocks, roots, mud
Oh-Eight Vets Day Run
                (by Bryan Hay)
It was the vet race of o-eight
In the chill we tempted our fate
We ran in the cold
Breaking the mold
To all the volenteers I think that you're great!!!!!
               (by Nick Lang)
They trod the trails for Vets Day
Though skies were cold and so gray
But rocks, roots and miles
produced nothing but smiles
As a Vet, I was honored, I'll say!
               (by Gary Henry)
A man ran WyCo in a trance,
The hills stepped on him like ants,
But it didn't matter,
He lost control of his bladder,
And on the finish line he Uta Pippiged his tight pants.
              (by Ben Holmes)

Photo by Bad Ben

Juraj (pronounced "yuro") kicks some hills' butts, and wins the 2007 Vet's Day Run.

In 2007, we raised funds for the Nathan Jones Recovery Fund:
Nathan Jones, a third grader from Gardner, KS had extensive surgery recently after his optometrist discovered a large white mass that was later determined to be a brain tumor.  Nathan is presently experiencing paralysis on the right side of his body and his prognosis remains unknown.  Nathan continues to make improvements but it could be a very long and expensive process during his stay in the hospital.  His father is taking an unpaid leave from his job to be with Nathan but still needs to pay his monthly insurance premiums.
Proceeds from this race will go toward off-setting the cost of the insurance premiums.
TRAIL RUNNERS ARE GENEROUS! We raised $609 dollars for Nathan's cause.  One female runner wrote a $100 check on the spot.  Thank Kyle Amos for his hard work organizing the fund (and trail marking, results, etcetera).


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