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Summer Intro 2.8-Mile Trail Run

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Photo by Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography
06/16/2018 (Sat) - Father's Day Weekend
Summer Intro 2.8-Mile Trail Run 
11th Annual
Shelter #14, Wyandotte County Lake Park
Kansas City, KS

9:00 a.m.

Race Director:
 Ben Holmes,


2018 Results 


2018 Photos by Mile 90 Photography 


Don't miss-out on this FAMILY-FRIENDLY, affordable, beautiful run on Father's Day weekend!  Just 2.8 Miles on beautiful, easy-going trails in the woods!!!



Location / Time

Shelter #14, Wyandotte County Lake Park Kansas City, KS  Map

9:00 a.m. Start Time


A family-friendly off-pavement trail run event. Great for beginners...Fun for front-runners.

Entry Fees:

$25 ADULT Entry Fee, (includes a LOGO COFFEE MUG, chip timing, Mile 90 Photography photos).

$30 on race day.

$15 CHILD UNDER 14 Entry fee, (includes a LOGO TUMBLER, chip timing, Mile 90 Photography photos).

$20 on race day.

All Finishers receive an oval finisher's sticker!


Canine Entry (chip-timed, INCLUDES A FOLDING DOG BOWL):

$10 Canine entry is day-of-race, only. 



2017 Results

2017 Photos by Mile 90 Photography

2016 Photos (free, downloadable)

By Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography 

 2016 Results 




Photo by Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography

2015 Results 

2015 Photos by Mile 90 Photography 



2014 Results

2014 Photos by Mile 90 Photography 

2013 Photos by Mile 90 Photography


2013 Results

Mile 90 Photography
Mile 90 Photography


Mile 90 Photography
The Wurm family runs!

Remember, this race will start at Shelter 14.

Map to Shelter 14

This is not your typical "Psycho" course.  (Slightly neurotic, maybe).
This is truly a good "intro" to the Summer season and the perfect intro to Trail Running.
No major hills, no major mud if it rains, and a fast and completely beautiful and runnable course.
This would be the perfect course for a trail running beginner or children, too.  It's a fun family event, but also a very fast and competitive race, right up to the finish.  A great Father's Day Weekend activity!  Free oval sticker to all finishers!

Photo by Bry Gardner

Volunteers show up at 7:30
Registration starts at 8:00
Race starts at 9:00
Wyandotte County Park, Shelter # 14, north of the main entrance 2 miles, ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE LAKE (just shy of the archery range). From I-435 (West side of Metro), take the Leavenworth Rd exit. Head east, then take a left at N 91st St (you will see a sign); take a LEFT at West Drive when entering the park. You will travel for about 2 miles and then pull into the lot of SHELTER # 14 on your right.


There will be one aid station on the course, but it would be wise to bring your own water bottle to carry with you during the run.

See all of our events HERE.



Photo by Dick Ross,
Nick Gardner, 16 y.o., Wins 2010 Summer Intro Run


2009 Race Reports:
2009 Photos by Dick Ross:
Action Photos are HERE
Fun Photos are HERE

2008 Photos by Dick Ross (

2008 Results
Place Time FirstName LastName City State Sex Age
1 15:59 Mike Garvin Lawrence KS M 24
2 17:03 Caleb Chatfield Lenexa KS M 28
3 18:10 Marvin Mastin Prairie Village KS M 42
4 18:17 Mike Prentice Kansas City MO M 25
5 18:45 Josh Pool Kansas City MO M 28
6 19:02 Keith Dowell Lawrence KS M 54
7 19:12 Nick Greer Kansas City MO M 26
8 19:24 Brian Longfellow Kansas City MO M 36
9 19:25 Shane Jones Kansas City KS M 33
10 19:27 Chris Jones Prairie Village KS M 38
11 21:28 Jonette Kilmar Overland Park KS F 42
12 21:30 Mike Eglinski Kansas City MO M 44
13 22:09 Jim Megerson Shawnee KS M 42
14 22:27 Shawn Beeton Olathe KS M 37
15 22:39 Mike Woolard Lawrence KS M 55
16 22:47 Dan Sheve Bucyrus KS M 34
17 22:54 Jill Hanna Overland Park KS F 38
18 23:00 Mitch Hopkins Olathe KS M 28
19 23:04 Travis Spears Kansas City MO M 31
20 23:30 Claudia Fonseca Kansas City MO F 11
21 23:35 Hadley Osborne Smithville MO F 36
22 23:40 Steve Meyers Edgerton KS M 34
23 23:50 Christopher Bennett Kansas City MO M 33
24 23:52 Harold Lawrence Lansing KS M 48
25 23:54 Chris Spears Lees Summit MO M 37
26 24:55 Alex Riggs Prairie Village KS M 29
27 24:56 Wynn Hackathorn Kansas City KS F 36
28 25:41 Coleen Voeks Kansas City KS F 35
29 25:44 Sophia Spencer Topeka KS F 37
30 25:50 Austin Ettinger Tongie KS M 10
31 26:17 Renee Seuter Overland Park KS F 38
32 26:20 David Fonseca Kansas City MO M 37
33 26:25 Mary Jones Kansas City MO F 44
34 26:41 Kelle Cross Milford KS F 38
35 26:42 Caitlin Rolfs Milford KS F 19
36 26:53 Elizabeth Smith Lawrence KS F 19
37 27:26 Jessica Maughan Kansas City MO F 34
38 27:39 Richard Banks Shawnee KS M 54
39 27:41 Marty Jenkins Overland Park KS M 36
40 27:50 Meagan Kelleher Overland Park KS F 25
41 28:09 Cheri Sutton Kansas City MO F 51
42 29:01 Unknown Runner Anywhere ?? M ??
43 29:01 Meaghan Shultz Kansas City KS F 30
44 29:47 John Redden     M 60
45 29:52 Garrett Hopkin Shawnee KS M 29
46 29:56 Heide Crawford Lawrence KS F 41
47 30:14 Laura Heathrock Kansas City MO F 24
48 31:20 Vincent Spencer Manhattan KS M 28
49 31:31 Jackson Jones Kansas City KS M 9
50 31:35 Paul Wilson Liberty MO M 54
51 31:48 Natalie George Edgerton KS F 30
52 33:02 Val Schroeder Overland Park KS F 46
53 33:11 Mel Baldridge Kansas City MO F 35
54 33:42 Vicki Holman Raytown MO F 35
55 34:25 Alex Mills Smithville MO M 13
56 34:27 McKenna Wymore Smithville MO F 11
57 34:34 Shane Talber Kansas City MO M 18
58 34:44 Constance Tieghi Lawrence KS F 37
59 35:54 Beth Hilt Lansing KS F 49
60 37:07 Dustin Yantz Kansas City KS M 16
61 39:49 Ellie Stigall Overland Park KS F 7
62 39:49 Krista Stigall Overland Park KS F 38

Photos by Dick Ross,

Photos by Dick Ross

2007 Race:
06/23/2007 (Sat)
Vasque Summer Intro 10K Trail Run
Marina Parking Lot, Shawnee Mission Park
Lenexa, KS

What a great trail race. We ended up with 102 trail runners (about 40 more racers than expected) who were ready for a little mud and humid weather.  Over half of our entrants were race day which was a little crazy but a nice surprise.  Because of the larger than expected turnout the Trail Nerds were able to give a nice donation to the Earth Riders Mountain Bike Club to continue building and maintaining trails in the Kansas City area. 

Total donation: $1,128.00 !!!


A big thanks needs to go to the following:

         Vasque trail running shoes for their sponsorship of the race.

         Red Bull

         Garry Gribbles Running Sports where packet pickup was held on Friday

         All of the Trail Nerds that help with all that needs to get done before, during and after the race.

         A big thanks needs to go to Shawnee Mission Park for allowing the first event on the trails.

         Earth Riders Mountain Bike Club for building great trails all over the Kansas City area.  If you are interested in helping on trail maintenance days, look for info at

         Dick Ross was nice enough to come out a take race photos which are free to download at

         Caleb and Sarah helped with marking the course on Friday night.

         Caleb and “Good Ben” Reeves manning the aid station in the middle of the trails which was not easy with a little wagon.

         Last but not least the registration and finish line volunteers that were all a little overwhelmed with larger that expected turnout.


Race results are attached. 


Thanks for coming out,

- Kyle Amos

All entry proceeds (after expenses) to go to the Earth Riders Trail Association (ERTA), for trail maintenance and trail building activities.  $1128.00 was donated.



Barefoot Rick's Race Report


2006 Race Report and Results HERE.

2007 Vasque Summer Intro Run
Photo by Dick Ross

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