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Red Bridge Ramble
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Red Bridge Ramble 7-Mile
Trail Run
(Red Bridge Ramble: copywrited name) 

Photo by Dick Ross at

Race Details:
Typically held the First full weekend of March.

Vasque Red Bridge Ramble 7-Mile Trail Run
Shelter #1, Minor Park, Kansas City, MO
Trail run with river crossings. 
The RED BRIDGE RAMBLE is not being held, anymore. 
Because there is no guarantee that the trail won't be muddy on race fact, in March, there's a high-probability that it will be muddy.
Why is mud (on these trails) a concern?  These trails are built and maintained as a "labor of love" by ERTA with a lot of volunteer help. These trails are are constructed in an area that has a lot of loamy-soil and clay content, and they aren't super-rocky trails that can handle the traffic, when wet.   And they aren't torn-up equine/bridle trails like you might encounter at Wyco Lake.  They are constructed for the purpose as "tri-use trails," made for mountain-biking, hiking, and trailrunning.  We don't want to run on them when they are muddy, because we could damage them and initiate even more serious erosion issues.
So, out of respect for the BURP/Minor Park trails, ERTA, and uncommon common sense, the Trail Nerds will not host the Red Bridge Ramble race, in the future. 
Please consider these other races, this same time of year:
03/06/2010 (Sat)
Mrs Robinson's Romp 
7-Mile Trail Run

9:00 a.m.
Shelter # 14, Wyandotte County Lake Park, Kansas City , KS
Challenging but fun beginning trail run for the novice and expert, alike.
Contact: Ben Holmes 816-810-0440
The Drumm Farm Run (at Unity Village in Lee's Summit).  It's for a GREAT cause, and has some really cool people involved in the race, including our own Trail Nerd Aid Station Supreme Commander: Pat Perry.  And, the course is on a surface that can take it. 
Rock Creek Trail Series  5K, 10K 
Ozawkie KS
Willie Lambert
03/28/2010 (Sun)
Pod Trod MP3-Mile Challenge
9:00 a.m.
Super-secret location (TBA)
Challenging but fun beginning trail run for Nerds, True Geeks, and GearHeads.
Contact: Ben Holmes 816-810-0440
Thanks, and many happy trails,
Ben Holmes



Dick Ross' Photos:
Action Photos are here
Fun Photos are here ..
Finish times are here

Photos by Dick Ross,

2008 Race Report
We had to re-route the course and eliminate our usual crossings of the Blue River, which was flowing fast and deep.  The course was a Garmin-305-measured 6.84-miles, so we'll call it an "even" seven.
The participants feet still got wet at "appropriate intervals."  Just as your feet would start to dry out, you would hit another water crossing.  There was no was cold and "crunchy" on the trails.
We had the same number of entrants as last year...80; even though the weather was colder, there was a time change, and the course situation was "tentative."  Everybody seemed to have a good time!
Thanks again to our sponsors: Vasque, GoreTex, Garry Gribble's Running Sports, and Dr Jesse Walden, DC., Dick Ross (
And thanks to our wonderful volunteers:
Course setup: Rich Stigall, Shane & Jackson Jones, and me.
Course check-out: Kyle Amos, Caleb Chatfield
Course cleanup: Kyle Amos, Caleb Chatfield, Josh Pool, Shane Jones, Emily Horn, Gabe Bevan, John King, and Rick Mayo.
Finish Line and Pre-race: Kyle Amos, Caleb Chatfield, Dave Suptic, Ann Kohn, Kevin Pinkowski, and me.
Cheering section: Pat Perry and kids.

Photos by Dick Ross.

Dr Jesse Walden, DC (Active Release Techniques)
Dr Jesse Walden, DC (Active Release Techniques)


2007 Race Report:

Well, we had a record year at the Red Bridge Ramble. Eighty Starters braved a cold morning to run on the beautiful trails and go splashing through the multiple water crossings.

The top 3 spots were claimed by speedy young runners, led by Justin Andrews of Kansas City. Angela Ballard was first female, with Emily Horn and Sarah Sinning coming in 2nd and 3rd females, respectively. Mike Swords was first Masters Male, and Deb Johnson was 1st Masters Female.  Israel Gulley (8 years old), was our youngest trailrunner to date, and Lou Joline claimed the "Oldest Root-Tripper" award.

Thanks to all of the volunteers, the Kansas City Trail Nerds and Vasque Shoes for making this a memorable race.

Dick Ross ( has some great photos of the event HERE .


Remember, we have many more trail races in store for you this year.

Photo by Dick Ross at
This run is a Family Event!

Here's the Order of Finish:

Place Time LastName FirstName AgeGrp City State
1 50:39:00 Andrews Justin M20-29 Kansas City MO
2 51:26:00 Abualnadi Amr M10-19 Leawood KS
3 51:38:00 Luedtke Alex M20-29 Omaha NE
4 54:21:00 HUBBARD TJ M30-39 Bennet NE
5 54:57:00 Swords Mike M40-49 Kansas City MO
6 55:12:00 Mastin Marvin M40-49 Prairie Village KS
7 55:22:00 McGarry Rob M20-29 Kansas City MO
8 55:40:00 Amos Kyle M30-39 
9 55:41:00 Burger Greg M40-49 Lecompton KS
10 57:41:00 Jones Shane M30-39 
11 57:42:00 Stigall Richard M30-39 Olathe KS
12 59:49:00 Rapaport Darren M30-39 Fort Leavenworth KS
13 1:00:23 Dowell Keith M50-59 
14 1:00:30 Engler Stephen M30-39 
15 1:01:15 Allen Kevin M30-39 
16 1:01:59 Cahill Gerald M20-29 
17 1:02:10 Millard Ray M30-39 
18 1:02:28 DeGaray Chris M30-39 
19 1:02:37 Ballard Angela F30-39 
20 1:03:39 Garey Richard M30-39 
21 1:06:46 Behrens Jeff M50-59 
22 1:07:02 Myers Steve M30-39 
23 1:07:40 Lazarus Joseph M20-29 
24 1:07:57 Hoversten Gary M30-39 Overland Park KS
25 1:09:05 Bundschuh Bob M30-39 Kansas City MO
26 1:09:39 Cooper Curtis M50-59  MO
27 1:09:47 Horn Emily F20-29 Lenexa KS
28 1:09:57 French David M30-39 Overland Park KS
29 1:09:59 Sinning Sarah F20-29 Lawrence KS
30 1:10:00 Bishop Carrie F30-39 Kansas City MO
31 1:11:34 Gleeson Michael M30-39 Kansas City MO
32 1:11:40 Menninger Fritz M40-49 Topeka KS
33 1:12:09 Bishop Mac M30-39 Kansas City MO
34 1:12:16 Saale Dan M40-49 Kansas City MO
35 1:13:05 Mooney Jay M30-39 Grandview MO
36 1:13:05 Ipock Don M40-49 Kansas City MO
37 1:13:15 Spears Chris M30-39 Battlefield MO
38 1:13:41 Weltmer Jeff M20-29 Shawnee KS
39 1:15:08 Inbody Mark M40-49 Lawrence KS
40 1:15:36 Johanek Tyler M30-39 Omaha NE
41 1:16:37 Megerson James M40-49 Shawnee KS
42 1:16:42 Spears Travis M30-39 Kansas City MO
43 1:16:52 Ingold Becky F30-39 Lees Summit MO
44 1:16:52 Henning Ray M40-49 Kansas City MO
45 1:17:01 Johnson Deb F40-49 Shawnee KS
46 1:17:53 McCamy Ryan M30-39 Prairie Village KS
47 1:18:29 Baird Thadd M30-39 Omaha NE
48 1:18:47 Dimmick Tony M30-39 Rolla MO
49 1:18:48 Dobson Jamie F30-39 Rolla MO
50 1:19:11 Wiederanders Sharon F30-39 Kansas City MO
51 1:19:11 VanRiette Sean M30-39 Kansas City MO
52 1:19:17 Monger Jeff M20-29 Kansas City MO
53 1:20:20 Reeves Allison F30-39 Overland Park KS
54 1:21:39 Stigall Krista F30-39 Olathe KS
55 1:21:53 Tindall John M30-39 Overland Park KS
56 1:22:56 Schloman Wesley M50-59 Higginsville MO
57 1:23:08 Kelli Conway F20-29 Lake Lotawana MO
58 1:23:21 Malkames Bob M60-69 Olathe KS
59 1:25:27 Yates Deanne F40-49 Bonner Springs KS
60 1:25:46 Williams Trish F40-49 Lees Summit MO
61 1:26:40 Cowan David M20-29 Liberty MO
62 1:26:41 Cowan Brooke F20-29 Liberty MO
63 1:27:10 Schasteen Clinton M10-19 gladston MO
64 1:27:15 Gulley Israel M0-10 Paola KS
65 1:27:15 Gulley Jeremy M30-39 Paola KS
66 1:28:29 Tettambel Jane F40-49 Overland Park KS
67 1:28:38 Beck Teri F30-39 Overland Park KS
68 1:28:50 Romans Donna F50-59 Kansas City MO
69 1:31:18 Gulley Beth F30-39 Paola KS
70 1:31:18 Tieghi Constance F30-39 Lawrence KS
71 1:32:30 Lourentzos Jim M50-59 Leavenworth KS
72 1:36:09 Keltner Paula F30-39 Liberty MO
73 1:36:47 Mandel Caryn F30-39 Prairie Village KS
74 1:36:47 Mandel Rob M40-49 Prairie Village KS
75 1:45:00 Amos Stacey F30-39 Olathe KS
76 1:45:09 Robinette Susan F60-69 Shawnee KS
77 1:45:10 Joline Louis M70-79 Lake Tapawingo MO
78 1:51:22 Hilt Beth F40-49 Lansing KS
79 2:01:20 Gawecki Laura F40-49 Overland Park KS

Age Group Results:
AgeGrp Place Time LastName  FirstName City State
F20-29 27 1:09:47 Horn  Emily Lenexa KS
F20-29 29 1:09:59 Sinning  Sarah Lawrence KS
F20-29 57 1:23:08 Kelli  Conway Lake Lotawana MO
F20-29 62 1:26:41 Cowan  Brooke Liberty MO
F30-39 19 1:02:37 Ballard  Angela 
F30-39 30 1:10:00 Bishop  Carrie Kansas City MO
F30-39 43 1:16:52 Ingold  Becky Lees Summit MO
F30-39 49 1:18:48 Dobson  Jamie Rolla MO
F30-39 50 1:19:11 Wiederanders  Sharon Kansas City MO
F30-39 53 1:20:20 Reeves  Allison Overland Park KS
F30-39 54 1:21:39 Stigall  Krista Olathe KS
F30-39 67 1:28:38 Beck  Teri Overland Park KS
F30-39 69 1:31:18 Gulley  Beth Paola KS
F30-39 70 1:31:18 Tieghi  Constance Lawrence KS
F30-39 72 1:36:09 Keltner  Paula Liberty MO
F30-39 73 1:36:47 Mandel  Caryn Prairie Village KS
F30-39 75 1:45:00 Amos  Stacey Olathe KS
F40-49 45 1:17:01 Johnson  Deb Shawnee KS
F40-49 59 1:25:27 Yates  Deanne Bonner Springs KS
F40-49 60 1:25:46 Williams  Trish Lees Summit MO
F40-49 66 1:28:29 Tettambel  Jane Overland Park KS
F40-49 78 1:51:22 Hilt  Beth Lansing KS
F40-49 79 2:01:20 Gawecki  Laura Overland Park KS
F50-59 68 1:28:50 Romans  Donna Kansas City MO
F60-69 76 1:45:09 Robinette  Susan Shawnee KS
M0-10 64 1:27:15 Gulley  Israel Paola KS
M10-19 2 51:26:00 Abualnadi  Amr Leawood KS
M10-19 63 1:27:10 Schasteen  Clinton gladston MO
M20-29 1 50:39:00 Andrews  Justin Kansas City MO
M20-29 3 51:38:00 Luedtke  Alex Omaha NE
M20-29 7 55:22:00 McGarry  Rob Kansas City MO
M20-29 16 1:01:59 Cahill  Gerald 
M20-29 23 1:07:40 Lazarus  Joseph 
M20-29 38 1:13:41 Weltmer  Jeff Shawnee KS
M20-29 52 1:19:17 Monger  Jeff Kansas City MO
M20-29 61 1:26:40 Cowan  David Liberty MO
M30-39 4 54:21:00 HUBBARD  TJ Bennet NE
M30-39 8 55:40:00 Amos  Kyle 
M30-39 10 57:41:00 Jones  Shane 
M30-39 11 57:42:00 Stigall  Richard Olathe KS
M30-39 12 59:49:00 Rapaport  Darren Fort Leavenworth KS
M30-39 14 1:00:30 Engler  Stephen 
M30-39 15 1:01:15 Allen  Kevin 
M30-39 17 1:02:10 Millard  Ray 
M30-39 18 1:02:28 DeGaray  Chris 
M30-39 20 1:03:39 Garey  Richard 
M30-39 22 1:07:02 Myers  Steve 
M30-39 24 1:07:57 Hoversten  Gary Overland Park KS
M30-39 25 1:09:05 Bundschuh  Bob Kansas City MO
M30-39 28 1:09:57 French  David Overland Park KS
M30-39 31 1:11:34 Gleeson  Michael Kansas City MO
M30-39 33 1:12:09 Bishop  Mac Kansas City MO
M30-39 35 1:13:05 Mooney  Jay Grandview MO
M30-39 37 1:13:15 Spears  Chris Battlefield MO
M30-39 40 1:15:36 Johanek  Tyler Omaha NE
M30-39 42 1:16:42 Spears  Travis Kansas City MO
M30-39 46 1:17:53 McCamy  Ryan Prairie Village KS
M30-39 47 1:18:29 Baird  Thadd Omaha NE
M30-39 48 1:18:47 Dimmick  Tony Rolla MO
M30-39 51 1:19:11 VanRiette  Sean Kansas City MO
M30-39 55 1:21:53 Tindall  John Overland Park KS
M30-39 65 1:27:15 Gulley  Jeremy Paola KS
M40-49 5 54:57:00 Swords  Mike Kansas City MO
M40-49 6 55:12:00 Mastin  Marvin Prairie Village KS
M40-49 9 55:41:00 Burger  Greg Lecompton KS
M40-49 32 1:11:40 Menninger  Fritz Topeka KS
M40-49 34 1:12:16 Saale  Dan Kansas City MO
M40-49 36 1:13:05 Ipock  Don Kansas City MO
M40-49 39 1:15:08 Inbody  Mark Lawrence KS
M40-49 41 1:16:37 Megerson  James Shawnee KS
M40-49 44 1:16:52 Henning  Ray Kansas City MO
M40-49 74 1:36:47 Mandel  Rob Prairie Village KS
M50-59 13 1:00:23 Dowell  Keith 
M50-59 21 1:06:46 Behrens  Jeff 
M50-59 26 1:09:39 Cooper  Curtis  MO
M50-59 56 1:22:56 Schloman  Wesley Higginsville MO
M50-59 71 1:32:30 Lourentzos  Jim Leavenworth KS
M60-69 58 1:23:21 Malkames  Bob Olathe KS
M70-79 77 1:45:10 Joline  Louis Lake Tapawingo MO


Photo by Dick Ross at
Sarah and Trish, post-race.

Photo by Dick Ross at
River Crossing!

Photo by Dick Ross at
Kyle Amos flies across the Blue River.

Photo by Dick Ross at
Lining-up to cross the river.

Photo by Dick Ross at
Trish crosses with her own style.

Dick Ross' Slideshow


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