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2007 Psycho WyCo Race
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The first minute into the race.
Photo by Dick Ross at

Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run 
50 Km, 10 Mile, & 20 Mile Trail Runs
3rd Annual 
Saturday, February 10, 2007
8:00 AM
Wyandotte County Lake Park
Kansas City, KS
What a fun day we all had at the 3rd annual Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run.  Check out some of the race details:
We had record attendance: 281 entrants.  SEE THE VIDEO by Mark Koester.
We had great sponsors: The local Vasque/Redwing Shoe Store in Mission, Kansas; Hammer Nutrition, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, James Barker (attorney at law), Mizuno, Garry Gribble's Running Sports, and Red Bull.
We had a severely icy trail!
We had a new course 50-kilometer record of 4:39:17, set by Caleb Chatfield, during less than perfect course conditions. 
We had another "Trail Nerd," Kyle Amos, give Caleb some serious competition. 
We had terrific volunteers and knowledgeable aid station personnel. 
We had good, hot soup. 
We had a lot of Muzzurahns, quite a few Kansans, way too many Iowanians, more than a few MNsotans, 1 German, a Cuban, some Oklahomans, three terrific Texans, two "Joisy" girls, a few fast Nebraskans, and our first BAREFOOT finisher.

Our group really loves trail running and we really love this race, so we put a lot of heart into it.  (Most runners notice this at the aid stations).  The course is always challenging, so we try to make up for that with our treatment of the race participants.
I can't stress enough how much of our time and heart goes into this race.  For instance, Kyle (the 2nd place 50K finisher) was doing last-minute course marking the day before the race.  Caleb, the first-place 50K finisher (and his dad Lonnie), were there the morning after the race with Shane Jones and I, un-marking course sections! 
Vicki Holmes and James Barker made homemade soup for the event.  (James always goes nuts with this, believe me).
Stacie Amos and the Amos Clan of family and friends take real good care of you at the aid station 3/4-the-way through each loop.
We had 3 experienced ultrarunners at the first manned aid station (Alex Kovalev, Jeff Perry, and Ron Jansen), seeing to your every need in "the middle of nowhere."
We had "rovers" like Ben Reeves and Rick Mayo who did all of the restocking and necessary stuff, and even took photos and video of the event.
We had Dick Ross, who took 800 photos of the event and has them available online.
We had DAG System chip timing by (experienced ultrarunner) Raul Flores and his "Race Day Timing Solutions" company.  He had some great help from Debbie and Julie, both trailrunning veterans.
Have fun checking out the content below.  The race reports at the bottom are particularly enjoyable.  I'll add more as it becomes available.  Next time you visit the page, hit "refresh" or F5 to see the updates.
- Ben Holmes
Note: If you find errors in your data, please e-mail me at  Thanks for your understanding.

Have fun reading about the 2007 race from the participant's point of view.

RACE DIRECTOR'S RACE REPORT (Takes a while to load)

The first section of trail.
Photo by Dick Ross at

Caleb Chatfield running up an icy hill.
Photo by Rick Mayo

Our Shoe-Screwing Station
Photo by Dick Ross at

Super Volunteers: Vicki, Rick, and Stacie
Photo by Dick Ross at

Rick Mayo, Shane Jones, Gabe Bevan
Photo by Dick Ross at

Running through the "Fester's Wander" section.
Photo by Rick Mayo

1st and 2nd Place 50K Finishers
Photo by Rick Mayo

Caleb Chatfield and Kyle Amos were only 1 to 2 minutes apart for the last 20 miles.  It was quite a "horse race" between these two KC Trail Nerds.

Keith took a tumble on the ice.
Photo by Rick Mayo

Matt Holmes enjoying the day.
Photo by Rick Mayo.

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