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Psych Night 5K & 10K Trail Run

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Psych Night Trail Run

10K and 5K Night Trail Race 

Friday Night, July 27, 2018

8:30 PM

Shelter #2, Wyandotte County Lake Park, Kansas City, KS 

Photo by Kristi Mayo, Mile 90 Photography


2018 Race Photos

By Mile 90 Photography 


2018 Results 

The Oldest Night Trail Race in the Midwest!

A night trail run on the Psycho WyCo trails. This is a REAL TRAIL event. Yes, I said TRAIL event. If you want to run on a sissy, paved course, this isn't the race for you! Flashlight or Headlamp use is required for all race participants.
12th Annual event.
Both the 5K and 10K courses are out-and-back, but the 10K course has a nice one-mile "lollipop" section before you head back, called "the Wyco Triangle."



All entrants receive a Trail Nerds' Trucker cap...with a choice of colors...first come, first serve on race day.
AND a race logo beer glass.
Included as part of your entry fee: beautiful, downloadable photos from Mile 90 Photography.
Complimentary CRAFT BEER ON TAP, cheap canned beer, and soft beverages, after the run.
All finishers receive a unique oval distance sticker.


5K course: There will be a water & Gatorade aid station at mile 1.5 and the finish line.
10K course: There will be a water & Gatorade aid station aid station at mile 1.5, mile 3, mile 4, mile 5, and at the finish line.


Lighting the Trail

A lighting device is REQUIRED EQUIPMENT to run on this trail!  The course will be marked with ground-level pin flags with reflective tape on them. It's wise to have a BRIGHT headlamp or flashlight.  REI in Overland Park is a great place to find one.  More information about lighting, here.

You should also carry a water bottle or hydration device, since it might take you longer to get to water at an aid station.


Special Awards for Fleet of Feet

$100 cash award for first place male and first place female in the 10K.


Special Instructions

No littering!  Litterers will be DQ'd. 

If you must wear music, you'll need to have ONE ear unblocked.  This is for your safety...people will be approaching quickly from the rear, and you'll need to move to the side or be knocked into the woods.

If it takes you more than one hour to reach the 10K Wyco Triangle aid station (2.5 miles into the course), you will have to wait there at the aid station, and be driven back.  Sorry, but the park closes at midnight, and the Sheriff will be locking the main gate at that time. If you think you'll have trouble traveling faster than 2.5-miles/hour on the trail (which is mall-shopping speed), please change to the 5K course, prior to the race and we will switch your bib number.


Entry Fees:

5K: $30  Day of Race: $35 

10K: $35  Day of Race: $40

Sorry, no Canines in this is usually too hot.  

Packet Pickup is at the race on race day, and it starts at 7 PM.  The race starts at 8:30 PM. 


Photo by Kristi Mayo, Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Trucker Hat
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography
Photo by Mile 90 Photography

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More Comments:
I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic event last night.  That was the most fun (and challenging) run I have done in a long time.  The night psych was the third trail event I have done and I must say- I am hooked.  Thanks again for all of your hard work, have a great weekend!
- Adam Clayton  


Dogs as Pacers:  Sorry, no dogs at this will be too hot.

Email  Ben Holmes, 816-810-0440, Race Director

Photo by Dick Ross,

Photo by Eric Viera


Photo by Dick Ross at

2017 Photos (free, downloadable)
By Kristi Mayo of Mile 90 Photography, Sarah Ireland, and Sebastian Emerson.
(Sarah is the race director's daughter and Sebastian is his grandson).

2017 Results

2016 Photos

by Mile 90 Photography


2016 Results  


2015 Results
If there are any issues, please contact our timer at this email address -

2015 Photos are pre-paid for and are free for you to download. 

Kristi & Rick Mayo took some awesome race photos.

By Mile 90 Photography
Pre-paid by Trail Nerds, Free and Downloadable

2013 Results

2013 Photos
by Mile 90 Photography

2012 Results Here

2012 Photos Here
Paid for by Your Race Director

2011 Photos

2011 Results

2010 Photos (by Dick Ross)
2010 Race Reports:

2009 Race Reports:


2008 Event:
Short Race Director's Report for 2008 Event:
We had a lot of fun out at WyCo, once again.  78 hardy souls toed the line for our 3rd annual event.  The weather was cooler and drier than it had been for the past 2 years.  The course was perfect, except for some leftover muddy spots here and there, and it slowed the field by at least 5 minutes.  Nobody claimed the "Triangle Challenge" prize, (for running that .95 miles in less than 7 minutes), but Gregg Buehler (the winner) came close, with a 7:35 performance in the crazy Wyandotte Triangle.  Mike "CAboy" Prentice took 2nd Place honors, followed by Cody "Bodacious" Jones.  Allison Keegan kicked some muddy butt in the Female race, and was 14 full minutes ahead of the rest of the field.  Laurie "Nerdo" Euler took 2nd place, with Debbie "Hottie" Webster right behind her.
Everybody stayed safe.  Nobody was eaten by the Jumping Tree 'Gators, and there were only a couple of sightings of the Tiki Troll and a resident Whiner.  The Eastern Kansan Flying Monkeys, Wyco Mud Snipes, and Pernicious Knids all kept their distance from the runners, for none were sighted during the race.
Thanks to the volunteers (and a special Nerd Nod to Cheri Sutton, Jim Megerson, Shane Jones, and Kyle Amos), who helped make this race so much fun!
Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Photo by Dick Ross at

Photo by Dick Ross at

Photo by Dick Ross at

Photo by Dick Ross at

Photo by Dick Ross

2006 race report, click here.

2006 Photos by Dick Ross, click here.



Map to Start / Finish Area

Photo by Dick Ross at

Photo by Dick Ross at

All Photos by Dick Ross,
Wyco Park Resident
Cheri Sutton
Doin' the Dark Thang
A Gaggle of Trail Nerds

Running on trails after dark?  You bet!

Photo by Dick Ross at

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