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This Week's Trail Nerd Group Run Schedule

On this page we will list our group training runs, trail maintenance days, races, and other trail-related fun.
We will try to keep it updated for at least one week out.  It's usually updated every Tuesday.  See our other upcoming events HERE.

To get updates about where/when we're running, join the Facebook Site or Yahoo Group site below:


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Click to join kctrailrunning


Remember, we will run in the rain or snow, but not in severe winds or in a lightning / severe thunderstorm.  These group training runs are FREE, but it would be real nice if you would join the Nerds.  We also expect you to provide for your own water and needs.  Please read our Trailrunning Disclaimer prior to attending a training run.

Mud Babe Mondays Run
Mud Babe Mondays" Run
Women's Beginning Group Trail Training Run

Meet in Parking Lot at 6:00 p.m.
Check the group running site for changes:
This week: Shawnee Mission Park.
Meet in the Marina Parking lot.
  Just show up...usually, 12 - 20 runners show we can break into 3 or 4 pace groups.
Contact: Sophia Wharton

Swope Park

Coming Soon
Swope Park, Camp "Lake of the Woods".
Parking is available at multiple locations along Oldham Road.
Point your GPS to:
Oldham Rd & Oakwood Dr
Kansas City, MO 64132

TRAILRUNNING FOR BEGINNERS With Danny Miller.  Distances: your choice - 2.5, 4.5, and 9 miles.
6:30 P.M.  
Learn to run like a Nerd!
Bring your own water or supplies and be self-sufficient.
Depending upon ability, you will run a (slow) 2.5 to 4.5 miles on a rocky trail in the woods.  This run is very well attended, and there are at least 3 pace groups to choose from.
Where: Meet at the Marina Parking Lot in Shawnee Mission Park at 6:30 p.m.
Trail conditions will dictate where we will run.
Check on our FB site to see where we start on rainy or muddy days.
Map to Marina Parking Lot:

WyCo Lake Park
(Beer Appreciation Run) 
6:00 PM
With Matty Mullins
Meet at: 
Shelter 14 (on the west side of lake, north of main entrance 2 miles)
 Nobody gets left behind as cougar-bait.
Contact information:
Matty Mullins

SmithVille Lake
6:00 pm

Meet at Smoken Davey trailhead, off Highway W
Directions to Trailhead:
Travel North through Smithville and further for about 4 miles on 169 Highway.
Turn right (East) on "W" Highway, and travel to the bridge over the lake.
Keep traveling farther on "W" Highway for a few hundred yards to a paved parking lot (Smoken Davey Trailhead) on the right.
As you leave this lot on foot, look for the carsonite markers as you can go West (right) into Lakeside Speedway or East (left) into T-N-T, or South on the County paved trail.
Contact: Kristi Mayo,,

Map to Smoken Davey Trailhead.

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