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North ShoreTrails / Course Description
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Free State Trail Runs
Clinton Lake North Shore 
Trails / Course Description


The Clinton Lake North Shore Trails are designed for hikers and mountain bikers. The trails begin in the Corps of Engineers Park near the Clinton Lake Overlook on the northeast side of the lake. From the east trailhead, the trails meander westward along the shoreline and ravines throughout Clinton State Park. The trails can also be accessed from many trailheads located within Clinton State Park.

The trails are single track, dirt trails exhibiting rocks, tree roots, creek crossings, and many rolling hills. The North Shore Trails are blazed with Blue, White or Red and connecting trails are blazed with the two colors of the trails to which they connect. You will run a large portion of all of these trails. The "Blue" Trail is considered easy to moderate difficulty and the "White" Trail is considered moderate to challenging. The Blue Trail is closer to the shoreline and the White Trail wanders up the various ravines away from the lake. The 1.25 mile Shoreline Trail, blazed in red, is located below the Blue Trail on the south side of Campground 1. The Shoreline Trail can be accessed from the Blue trail using 5 connector trails. Your course route will be marked well with the following yellow 8-1/2" X 11" signage: Left, Right, Wrong Way, Straight Ahead, and "Marathon Route."

Trailrunning shoes are "highly recommended" to limit foot/toe trauma. There is a decent chance that the stream crossings will have enough water to get your feet wet; after all, it will be Springtime. If you wander off-trail, there is a possibility of picking up ticks or poison ivy, as well. While running on the trails, there is a huge chance for seeing the following wildlife: deer, squirrels, chipmunks, hawks, other birds. There is a slight chance for seeing the following wildlife: bobcat, owls, possums, raccoons, "domesticated animals," lizards, and snakes (non-poisonous & poisonous: copperheads, rattlesnakes).

We run on these trails all of the time (in the daylight and after dark), and we do so safely. The biggest danger to trailrunners here is SELF INFLICTED. By this, we mean twisted ankles, or bruises/cuts/abrasions from falling down or running into a tree branch or trunk. Blisters on your feet are probably the most common injury, though. Please pay attention to the trail ahead and to your feet, and you can avoid most of these afflictions.

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