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2011 Photos:

2011 Dick Ross' Photos

2011 Bry Gardner's Photos

2011 50-Kilometer Results

2011 20-Mile Results

2011 10-Mile Results


50-Kilometer (Andy Emerson)

50-Kilometer (Erica Carper)

2010 Winners, 50K
Deanna Culbreath and David Wakefield

Hedgehog Hill
Rich Stigall Photo Credit

More HedgeHog Hill Photos

Front Runners
Stigall Photo
Deanna Culbreath and David Wakefield

A Few Comments About the 2010 Race:
"You guys put on an amazing race! Best food & volunteers of any race I've ever run!!" - Sheree Betta Reece
"Ben & Sophia--
Thank you so much for ALL the hard work you put into organizing this great race so we runners could come & have some tough fun!
It was a great course, very well marked, even to a newcomer like me. It included every type of challenge!
Thanks too to all your fantastic volunteers. They were not only highly efficient, but friendly every time. Nothing better than reaching another aid station after a hard run.
Thanks, I had a great time!"
Brian Daldorph
"What a great race. The aid stations rocked, the volunteers were super helpful and the course was brutally wonderful......I will def be back for more!" -Erin Hennessey
"Thanks to all who made this race possible. This one put the hurt on me like no other." - Steve Pollihan
"Race Directors (Ben & Sophia),
Great job putting on the race as usual. The course was tough and a lot of fun, looking forward to Pysco Wyco winter already, not really my legs are still killing me.

BTW - You did have an Irishman (and yes Irish Citizen) win the 15mile so you can add to the countries represented.

Thanks again for the great time,"
- Ken Moran (Winner of 15-miler)
"Awesome race! Thanks for organizing a great event. Those hills were brutal! Hope to see you guys out on the trails in Topeka sometime."
"This was my first trail race (well, my first trail run, actually) and I enjoyed it thoroughly! Keep up the good work and I'll see you next year!"

- Belinda Ambrose
"This was my first trail race, and it was awesome - I had a great time! The volunteers and aid stations were great. thank you so much for putting this together and doing such a great job. I'll definitely be back!"
- Saskia
"Hey you two. Just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a fun event. Even though I came by myself, I definitely felt like I was amongst friends. Still waiting for that damn elusive sub 6!" - Mark Inbody
"I know I said this after the run on Saturday, but I wanted to make for sure you
heard it again...GREAT RUN!!!

Thanks for organizing a great event and thanks to the Trail Nerds for
outstanding preparations before, during and after the run. The aid stations
were well stocked and placed, providing much needed assistance at just the right
times on the course. The volunteers were fantastic, supportive and full of
friendly cheers arriving to and leaving from the stations. GREAT TRAIL!! I
loved every mile of the run. What a great way to start running trails and
complete my first 50k!

One final comment: ICE!!!! ICE!!! ICE!!! I never thought frozen H2O could be
such an awesome treat. I will never look at ice again in the same way
or de-value the merits of cold water on a warm day :-) I also appreciated the
water even more after getting to fill the containers before the run. Please let
me know if you are ever running short on volunteers.

Thanks for the run!"
- Dan Thomason
"I ran in your race this past Saturday and it was awesome. It was cool running up and down the hills, climbing up a rope and running through the mud. I have never had that much fun in any races before. Thanks again for you and everyone else whom helped out on Saturday. It was a great event." - Chris Notestein
"Terrific, and humbling event. Superb organization and execution by folks who obviously love what they do. Glad to have been a part of it." - Jon O'Neil
"WAS SO FUN UNBELIEVABLE > Hope you all had fun as well!" - Jarod Reisin
"Great race! Psyco Wyco annihilated me!!! Thanks race directors and volunteers for an epic day!!! Good times."
- Matty J Mullins
"What a CRAZY run! Thanks (SO MUCH) to all who organized, weed-whacked, volunteered and supported. Was definitely the MOST difficult run of my life. Was my first trail run ever - what a challenge and quite an emotional end for me. CHEERS to all psycho trail runners!" - Tracy Speiss
"AWESOME race, swore I was NEVER going to run another ultra again and it is a good thing no one was around to hear my language the last 1.2 miles (I personally think they altered the route and added 10 more) but after a day went by I will definetly return! The volunteers were amazing and I think I would still be out there if it werent for them!!! Thank you so much for putting on such a great event!" - Michelle Elliott
And yes, someone has to always complain:
haha! Labeled as a complainer, eh? Now that you mention it there are a few items that need addressing....

Where were the ticks? In previous years they have been a bit scarce, but I’m afraid they are approaching fabled status. Everyone talks about them, but no one has actually seen one in years. Rumor has it that the course was rerouted to avoid a tick reintroduction colony, so I’m cautiously optimistic that following years will improve, but know better than to count the ticks before they hatch.

Much was made in the pre-race briefing about poison ivy awareness. What runners should be aware of is that very little poison ivy remains on the course! I found it difficult to earn even a mild rash after many hours of effort. One fallen log had poison ivy deliberately placed on it, but I’m afraid too many opportunities were missed and there was a lack of overall suffering because of it.

Now, on to the most egregious offense….WATER! Why even bother to have a run in the middle of summer if you are going to provide water around every turn? I could have carried a mouthful of water between aid stations at some points! Where is the thrill of dehydration? Where are the water rationing and the fear of running dry for hours? 10 water stations on a 15 mile loop? Are you mad? It’s like you were intentionally trying to weigh runners down with water they couldn’t possibly drink before the next opportunity to refill…hmmm, perhaps you are an evil genius?...

Finally, you are hampering the development of future runners and threatening the good name of masochistic athletes everywhere. By staffing aid stations with experienced runners with all the supplies anyone could need, you are preventing the next crop from learning the hard way! Paying for mistakes - GONE! Monday morning horror stories - GONE! If this continues, you’ll have scores of average people romping around the woods having a good time – with none of the ultra style pain and suffering. Is that really what you want? Seriously?

Joking aside - I had a blast. It was not my best time for the course, but was my best time ON the course. Well done!

Thanks again!
Mark Stovall

2009 Race

Thanks to all of the volunteers for a fantastic race. And thanks to the participants for coming out on such a humid day.

Results 2009

Race Reports


Dick Ross' photos,

More photos and race reports will be posted as they become available...check back soon.

Garmin Contest Winner: Kurt Schuler of Garmin gave away a new Forerunner 310XT after the race. My method for choosing a winner: I threw a dart at the spreadsheet. I missed hitting any names 3 times (and just hit white paper), until my 4th attempt...and it hit John King's name (of Kearney, MO). So, congratulations, John! And many thanks to Garmin!

Ultrarunning Magazine article about the 2009 event.



Well, We had a fabulous event in 2007:The volunteers were hard-working and wonderful; the runners were par-boiled but cheerful, and the course was grueling, yet beautiful in its own way. Check out all race reports, photos, etc, HERE.

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