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Pilgrim Pacer 5K, 10K, and Half-Marathon

Welcome to the Action Events web site!

We are an organization dedicated to successfully managing and implementing human-powered sporting events.  We love to handle: road running races, trail running events, mountain bike races, multi-sport events, and "special" events.

Why would you attend one of our events? 
Why would you ask us to manage one of YOUR events? 
What do we have to offer? 
1) We ENJOY an active lifestyle, and participate in sporting events ourselves. In fact, two of our staff are extremely experienced in "extreme" sports:
  • Ben Holmes has raced in many "century" cycling events, and has run in hundreds of road races, scores of marathons, and many trail runs and ultramarathons, including 100-milers.
  • Sophia Wharton has co-race-directed 4 major events, is a Volunteer Coordinator and Race Planner Extraordinaire, and is the driving energy behind many of our new ideas.
  • Raul Flores has always been a very experienced and competitive road runner, marathoner, triathlete, and ultramarathoner.  He's also the Central Midwest's most experienced 100-mile ultrarunner. He owns and operates a very successful race timing business.
2) We have a vast amount of organizational and technical experience and expertise. 
3) We have a history of directing and implementing successful events, whether it is a 5K road race, a 100K trail running race, or a Duathlon.
4) We are dedicated.  We have always given back to the running, cycling, and multisport community.  We care about the future of our sports and the success of the participants.  Nancy English, Raul Flores, and Ben Holmes have all participated on non-profit sports-related boards.  Ben co-founded a respected trail running organization.  All three have volunteered at countless races.


We are here to ensure your personal success or your event's success.

We invite you to contact us or attend or participate in any of our events. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about us.

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